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Seraphim Bread opened January, 2018 as an artisan bakery in downtown Salina, KS.  Our goal is not only to provide Salina and the surrounding area with high quality handmade bread, but to promote the food culture of central Kansas and the Midwest. 


The "Old World" style of our bakery is here to get our patrons closer to their food source; to show off that the food they eat are made by passionate and professional individuals that care about craftsmanship.

We proudly use locally sourced ingredients like flour from Heartland Mills and dairy from Hildebrand Farms which both help our local economy and gives the freshest of ingredients to work with.

In a new age of the public becoming for aware how and where their food comes from it is vitally important to take the first step forward in this movement; to rebuild the prestige of Midwestern food.

A bakery is the center-point of a community, where all people gather around unify together.

- Tyler Gallagher, Owner

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