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Rules & Guidelines

All entries must be submitted not later than 3pm, December 24. The contest winners will be announced on December 28.
Submissions will be sent to before the due date. Each gingerbread house must include 4 pictures of the construction to prove validity: profile picture, side, overhead, and one picture with creator.  
Within your entry, please include the following:
Phone or email address
Age (Date of Birth)


Guidelines for gingerbread house
The construction must be made with real gingerbread. Either home made or store bought, but cannot be made of synthetic materials. It does not need to be edible, but please do not submit some gingerbread decoration that has been in storage for years…Seraphim bread will be making construction gingerbread sheets for sale for the event, or specified sizes by request.


All submissions must be at least 6in(wide)x 6in(long)x 6in(tall) or larger to qualify. Judging will consist of creativity and technique.  
This is a fun and seasonal event so let’s have fun with the submissions and see what we all can create!

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